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Lagos Fashion&Design Week

Monday, 31 October 2016

Hello Guys! missed myself on this space... I'm just going straight to the deets of Lagos Fashion & Design Week, I attended
the last day (Day  4) of the event cause of work.  Plus the ticket wasn't exactly cheap (4,500).


For Me BridgetAwosika had so many marketable pieces.. The frills and play of colors, to the wearable designs just made me love the styles.
I especially love this piece the most. I think it's cause of the Color though.

Nuraniya is one of the designers I fell in love with from the Pictures on social Media. I was actually stalking different pages to see all
her collection. One of these designs is actually on my bucket list; I hope when I do decide to buy, I won't have to break the bank....

HouseofKaya got me inlove with Modesty Big Time. The turbans & Head tie were definitely Gorg!!!

In all; Styletemple slayed the most for me. Despite the fact I didn't witness Her show. The Pictures alone speak in Itself.
These aren't basic designs... They're like the "Oh, Hello I'm the Boss Chic ". Get me?

I heard Ejiroamostafiri also had dope Designs, but let me just mind my business as I priced a dress I've been eyeing (Saw it first On StephanieCoker;Did I mention I met her and she Was great? and also Zainab Balogun) Onto the dress, it was over 50k Yo!!!! I just strolled past their stand... Till when I get there, lol.

Apart from the designs; I really just wanted to see some models walk. I've been a huge fan of @Realtamar and @MayowaNicholas. These two International models seem so professional and Great in photos and Their walk for me confirmed it. I enjoyed seeing them grace the Runway. @Kingmyeverkinleye made  me fall in love
with her Too, I had never heard about her, but she walked beautifully and she's actually very beautiful. Kudos Ladies!!!



I definitely saw and took pictures with NobleIgwe and He was His sweet charming self as usual, Hope He notices me Professionally Sometime (Dreams ).

Bumped into Mariam so many times and it seemed as if we actually Planned to twin In Black and Dapmod Shades....

Ilamosi is Definitely One of my Blogger boos now. I  like how we connected even though it was our first time really relating. (Met Her, FolaOseni, Mariam, and Nobel Igwe before at the Blogger'sBrunch....).

@FolaOseni (on brownish) was really calm and Reserved. But was the Perfect company all through... She even Checked on me when I got home and helped me in 
picking another pair of Dapmod glasses, Thanks Boo.  To see the new shades I got Follow Me On Snapchat (@Dupedupsey ) and on Instagram (@Dupseyy ), cause it might not make it On here soon...

I also got a cute dress from @Chechiarinze. Might rock it to the Meet/great of Ronkeraji, If I Rsvp...

       Outfit Details
Dress from @Miskayboutique
Purse from @luxe_boulevard
Shoes -- @MissGuided

I especially Loved the whole show apart from the part where people had to stand. Asides that it was an Awesome experience and hopefully next year would be much better for me! (Blog Career Stuff I mean)..... Till next time and as Falz would say *Kizzesss*.

Cold Shoulders

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hello Guys!!! How are y'all doing? Trust great!  Today on the blog is about "Cold Shoulders " , and why I'm loving the look.. It's actually no news 
that I love flaunting my shoulders.... From my "aso-ebi " styles to joining the off-shoulder fad....

I especially love the fact it makes you look chichy and modest at the same time. Truth is lately I've been all about Modest dressing. This 
is not to say I used to expose all My Glory to all o... lol! I guess maturity and weight gain is just setting in.

The fact that it can be worn differently just makes it super cool. What's nicer than owing an outfit that in itself makes it easier
for you to wear/pair differently???

For Ladies with big chest area that are also cautious of revealing too much... This is a win-win for you. 
You don't have to bother about if to wear a bra, or what kind of bra to wear cause of strap issues. Wear The Bra And flaunt the shoulders!!
And oh, I have a post on what bra I wear or how to choose a bra for strapless outfits..     Click ---> (My Bra Won't let Me)

I hope this post helps someone. Till next time guys!! Mide's thoughts advices... "Each Day Find Something To Be Grateful For ".

It can be rocked on casual days and for simple meet ups...

Whats's your fashion lately? and Why? 
Mine is this Dapmod Shades I can't seem to get enough of cause it's Day/Night (lol). Yeah said that already on instagram (Follow me @DUPSEYY).... XOXO!!

                                                OUTFIT DETAILS

Power Of Investive Buying

Saturday, 8 October 2016
Hi Guys!! Been too long? Yeah I know and I'm sorry.. Wondering when I'll stop apologizing right? I know you love me like this, Lol.

So Today is about "Investive buying " , Heck! Even my dictionary doesn't agree with the word "Investive" prolly because you guys also think I'm going against my word on not going broke in the name of fashion and trends... But No! This is more like simple tips on shopping right! 
The little expenses you make trying to meet up with the new fad/trend could actually make/mar your wardrobe.. In the sense that sticking to all that's trendy makes you feel out of clothes as soon as those trends go out of style!! 
This doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy fads but be "smart" about it... 

Here are the Little tips that can help.,,

1)Try not to shop cheap:- I'm not saying thrift buying is terrible. Sometimes mixing it up might be it. But how long do they actually last? You worry about not watching it too long or with a kind of detergent so they don't wear off.. Of cause they will!! But actually going for quality few new pieces might last longer than you can imagine. This is not a lie/bluff but most times people tell me "Bukola, you can keep/use stuff well"  really it's cause when you get quality pieces they stay almost new... So each time you rock it again it feels as if; did you just get this? I still have clothes from like 3 years back.. Even most of my outfits in Uni days was what saved me when I first got my job. So it's about saving in what you're actually buying than saving in buying. Get the drift? 

2) Do Classic:- This still boils on avoiding trends. You like a gown? Why? Cause it's simple and fits you well or cause everyone has it? Everyone having it now doesn't make it suit your style. Which in turn would be a waste, especially once it's off the fad! Isn't that double "wahala"? Simple statement pieces that aren't fads even blends more with fad and make you look sophisticated while others are in uniform. And if at all you have to do fad be creative about it in a way you still look different. For example my off-shoulder fad post. Classic pieces are also very easy to pair differently... A simple gown with different belts everyother day is better than the on-going two-piece you prolly won't know how to pair differently.

3) Be Neat:- "Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness".. This is so true. The way you keep your clothes depends on how long they serve you. Wash after one wear, fold in your closet.. It's better than wearing and wearing that it gets so dirty you have to wash hard. That even makes things worse for the clothe itself to serve you sef.. 

4) know what Suits you:- Whatever suits you would always look good on you no matter the number of times you wear them or how many of such clothes you actually have; ever noticed how many slouchy Tops I wear? I hardly go for tightly fitted tops, cause I know I have big boobs and arms and so I don't end up looking like Johny Bravo with the big arms and chest going.. Slouchy tops just blends it all well for me.. Plus Solid Colors like Blue pops more on me (Tips on this in this post HERE

So that's all I feel we all need to know.. Any other tips would be appreciated in the comment section below..

RANDOM:- Do You appreciate my tip posts? Or should I just stick with fashion and Beauty?? Please let me know what you think in the comment section...

All Outfit Details to this post on My Instagram handle @Dupseyy . Since this actually isn't a fashion Post... 

TBP Bloggers Brunch

Monday, 12 September 2016

Hello guys! How are y'all doing? Trust great!
This post should have been up since but it really hasn't been easy for me joggling an 8-5 job, my business and a blog. This is passion though, so Nothing can stop me I'm all the way up (In FatJoe's Voice)... 

I sincerely have no idea how to put this post together but I definitely intend trying.. Please bear with me if it's disjointed. 

Getting to the venue (Due by Chefdish) a bit late; I love the idea of the wine being the first thing you're presented with... 

And then you just had to drink, take pictures and mingle.. Trust me I suck at things like this, I thought I tried till I got home and could only remember names of just three bloggers out of the many cute bloggers I met. Thank God for social Media; I was able to stalk some of them and even visit their blogs. Trust me there are people out there with great content. More reason why you just have to be Original. 

Unservilefashionist and AminatTawastories  were my photographers for the day even though I lost most of the pictures. Just ignore my clumsiness.... Thanks girls, I sincerely appreciate. 

My highlight of the day was definitely meeting and taking pictures with Noble Igwe of Stylevitae and CassieDaves (Blogged about her planner Here).
With Noble Igwe

With CassieDaves 

I also got best dressed guys for the Lagos brunch. A lady just had to represent you know? **wink** I was blessed with one-year free subscription to Radianthealthmag. Not been able to exhaust that at all.. Would get there. 

Loved the content of my goody bag
Would list them all below. 

Here are pictures of some of the cool bloggers I met ... 

When I was announced Best Dressed.. Did I already mention I was super shy? Strange actually cause I'm not a shy person, but can be stupidly reserved and without words.. Lol

With the cute Maryam of  Fashionbydaisy and founder of Thebloggerpointng

Don't let me even get started on the Menu. what made me cringe the most was when the guy serving told me He had no idea exactly the content of what he was serving.. Sure people following me on snapchat understand this part... Lol!(add up @Dupedupsey if you aren't part of the gang yet *wink*)
That's all I ate but you could check their Instagram page thebloggerpointng for other things served. 

That's all guys! I know this post is super late and I apologize. 
Hope you were able to catch up on last week's Monday/worklook Inspiration post (not promising this is a thing). 

My Outfit is the same dress I had on my Flower girl post. Funny thing I had the same hairstyle on but styled it differently and with a different shoe too. Catch up on details of my dress and shoe on My Instagram page @DUPSEYY

                                            My Goody bag Content
                             @ShopElo    @Theskinapothecary  @KelleciousFragrance 
                    @Beautyrevng   @Lafame Accoutre   @ilham_skincare 

(Please Note; I only tagged Instagram handles of all names listed. Their websites can be found in thier IG Bio. For the product tags, I only tagged sponsors of contents in the goody bag I was given. Other sponsors and media partners/promoters can be seen on @thebloggerpointng's page linked above.)
To The Bloggerpointng and Team that brought this together, Kudos!!

Till next time guys, always remember to take daily steps towards your Goal
Photo credit of my shoe thetonyeigbani

And Oh! Thanks to Tracycharles and her uber driver for the ride back home!

Monday Inspiration

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hello guys! How did your weekend go? Mine was very stressful though. Had to meet up with orders for my coconut oil business (Hustle Life!!) I blogged about how to make it or ordering deets HERE. No one told me growing up would be this demanding, but we're Grateful...

This post is just to help you in picking out outfit for the very serious coperate days like Mondays.. 

For other days, you can just do without the blazer and you're good to go too.. 

I prefer packing my hair to work these days. I just feel more comfortable with it. This is the same hair I have on in my offshoulder fad look HERE

I hope this helps you in picking out outfits for the week. 

You can also rock this look to Church... 

Have a great week guys! And remember to keep the thoughts positive 

Blazer - TAILORED 
Shoe - QUPID

Still to come; All details on the TBP Bloggers Brunch

Cheapest way going with the Off-Shoulder Fad

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hello Guys! Trust we're all doing great? As for me, God did a marvelous thing in my Life; I got a job and a new phone all in one week. Sorry I'm updating you guys late but like I always say follow me on snapchat (@Dupedupsey) to get detailed juice of my Life. 

Anyways moving on to the topic of today which is the cheapest way I got my own less than a #1000 off-shoulder top. You know I'm always about being careful in getting entangled with trends/fads, cause truth is not everything will fit you and you're not getting any richer that way (been preaching a lot these days, lol).

Moving on, I made this top from an old tank top and the pieces of an old Ankara material (perks of being portable you use less materials)...*flashing teeth*. 

That's the tank top I used and I just had my tailor attach the Ankara round it as a cape. It's a stretchy material so I can style it into an off-shoulder, tube, monostrap,  etc.. Thing is I actually did just one style with this since it's trendy. 

My tailor collected just #500 from me and that's cause I can't sew. But if you can; sure this shouldn't take more than an hour and you might only need an elastic band. 

This is Fashion On A Budget Guys!

So keep those extra materials handy, you never can tell when one might come in useful. 

For my hair I just weaved a part of my lace closure backwards and pinned it down.. 

I would rock this look anywhere unofficial.  Movies, girls date, etc... 

So that's all guys. Till next time Remember to keep a positive attitude in other to get Positive Results... 

TOP-       Tailored 
JEANS-    WoolsWorth 
BAG-        Atmosphere 
SLIPPERS- from @Pearlposhworld on IG

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