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My Bra Won't Let Me!!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dearies; trust your valentines day was great? Well, I'm one of those that had an all-day-in-bed vals but no hassle. On the bright side, there's life! And to you my dear readers i say Happy St. Valentines Day and I love you!

I was going to post something else but then i got this request and decided to tend to it first. Just to show you guys reaching out to my audience is top piority here! So if you have a request just leave a comment below or send me a mail. 
  How I do it? Rock sleeveless dress with my bra and all... Hell yeah! This can be very annoying, I mean I struggled with getting the right bra for me for years,not to talk of a sleeveless bra that still holds for that matter! 
I mean some of us aren't blessed with that moderate Orange sized breast shape. So it kind of makes it difficult for us to rock those many show back; sleeveless outfits. It just made me remember a night I wanted to go to the club in a blackless jumpsuit and the struggle to fix in a bra was massive! I had to get the silicon boob support but it pans out that's for the extremely uptight breast and was just a nipple support; ( that is, to keep the nipple from bulging). I had to opt for something else.**sad face***
Anyways, back to the topic of the day which is simply how to select the right bra for that sleeveless dress! . First off; we need to understand that there are different bra's for different boob-size/shape and outfit; so this is for those of us that can't go out without a bra or some sort of support! Here are a few pointers based on what works for me.. 

Boob shape and size;  you need to understand your breast a lot. This took me years, but when you do you get to know what bra you feel very comfortable in. For me it's the full round bras with little or no pad. 

Detachable strap; I opt for bras with detachable strap so when i want to rock my sleeveless outfit i just remove the straps.

Waist Firmness; Now this is key! It helps your bra to remain firm even if the bra-cup doesn't sit firmly on the breast..  It gives it the needed support to remain on your waist taking on the shape of the bra in the dress... 

Firm Sleeveless Outfit; Although not always but this mostly works for me. If i want to rock a sleeveless outfit i make sure it's quite firm around the chest area to give the bra an additional support in staying firm. 

Smoothness; Try to stay away from bras that has too much going that can reveal under the dress when considering if you're to rock it with a sleeveless outfit.

Buy; This is quite tasking, getting a sleeveless bra that actually holds especially for the big-sized boobs. I mean I've wasted a lot on that myself, they either don't hold or end up having too much pad... But you never can tell you might get one that works well for you. 

 So that's it! My fashion tip in choosing  a bra for that sleeveless dress/outfit ; simple and short go for a round full cupped bra with little or no pad, (keep in mind this is for the big-sized boobs but for the not-so big boobs a padded bra is definitely okay if you want the extra push), detachable strap, and keep it firm! See pictures below for better understanding..

Photocredit (Bra's);
  I sincerely hope this helps, a video would have been better but please bear with me still working on creating my own YouTube channel; one-step-at-a-time right?
  Do drop a comment below if you found this helpful and don't forget to hit the +1. 
 Love you! Till next time on the blog; remain Blessed!
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