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When Pattern meets Pattern

Sunday, 28 February 2016
Lovelies, a beautiful sunday to you all. If you are in Nigeria; noticed its not that hot today? We bless God and hope for more days like this.
Today on the blog is about pattern on pattern. This has been a trending style for a while now and that's what I'm going to be talking about today and of course with pictures! Which is what I wore to Church today. 

When going with this trend, here are a few tips to follow; 
1). Common Color; Make sure there is a common color between the pieces you want to put together. In the picture above my own common color is BLACK, and although contemporary fashion doesn't count black as a color because it can pass as a neutral... In this case it is! 

2). Color Pop;  A color pop makes it more pronounced in a nice way, and makes it admiring to the eyes. Because it brings out the other subtle colors. In this piece my color pop is PINK(ish).

3). Infuse a Neutral; Infusing one or more neutrals helps the whole look not to turn out tacky. You really don't want to end up looking like a clown. My neutral color in this piece is TAUPE (a nude shade), my shoes. Your neutral can also be black. 

4). Create a Break; This is optional though but I think necessary. Creating a break adds a bit of class to the whole piece. A break can be a blazer, your skin (crop top), or a belt. I used my gold belt as my break in this outfit. 

I hope you find those tips helpful. Do remember to show love by hitting the +1 right after a comment! Till next time Live, Laugh, and Love. 


When pattern meets pattern, glam is made_ Me!

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