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Throwback To Some Aso Ebi Moments

Friday, 11 March 2016

Hi dearies; Since I have no wedding to attend this weekend I decided to do a major throwback to some of my Aso-ebi moments. 


This blue and yellow combination was for my sister's wedding August last year (yes o! I have many sisters and I love it, thanks to papa). I was like the only one that wore a gown, even amongst my sister's friends. Hehe! Fashionista style now. Lol

My editing in this last three-pic combo na war! 
I can't find the real stand alone pictures again please try not to yabb (mock) me. 

And thats the cute Bride!
My make up was done by me and gele by my sister's friend. I had black heels on.


This next look was what I wore for my boyfriend's brother's wedding January this year. And yes it's Iro and buba in a modern way. I was meeting his folks for the first time and so I obviously had to keep it modest but of course stylish! I especially loved my butterfly hands and the net in the chest area. 
Gele and make up by @Emerald faces. She did all this under pressure and in less than 30 minutes!!! She is really good. 

In both looks I went for gold accessories. Because I feel when rocking Aso-ebi with many/vibrant colors gold accessories is quite safe so you don't end up looking like a clown combined with the vibrant facebeat we always want to have on! 

I hope you love this post. Which is your favourite look and why? Till next time guys.. Love you!

Both Aso-ebi looks were Tailored
SHOES-    Atmosphere  (Blue lace)
       Comfort Plus (pink lace)
CLUTCH- Balogun Market (Blue lace)
      Rhoncaresplace (Pink lace)
WRISTWATCH- Mum got it from Dubai
RING- Gift from a friend and her mum got it from Dubai too, Lol.

11 comments on "Throwback To Some Aso Ebi Moments"
  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot dear. Although I'm sure you made a mistake on which post you wanted to comment on madam Tolu**side eye**

  2. The two outfits are really stylish, but I think I love the second one more. You look great! xx

    1. Thanks a lot dearie. I kinda mistakenly deleted your comment on my other post(my favorite Amvca looks). I feel awful about it and i'm so sorry. Would appreciate if you could re-comment. I'm still learning how to retreive deleted comment as this is not my first time. My bad! And thanks for feeling me eh as per going such events. I was trying to publish it when i clicked on delete**crying**

  3. Love the outfits! Waiting for a frnds wedding so I can rock asoebi lol

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Chei! The way Aso-ebi takes our money in this country. But we don't mind, all for party jollof rice **wink**

  4. Btw, I also followed you by email and on Instagram. xx

    1. Thanks sweetie, I followed back to. Xoxo

  5. My first time here and I really love your style and. Have a versatility in fashion that a really like and our traditional attire are really nice girl keep it up love it so much

  6. I love the 2nd one better even if the first is also adorable. I hope meeting the boo's people went well. Lool. I cant wait for two asoebi decking up for later this year.dem go hear!!lmao


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