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TBP Bloggers Brunch

Monday, 12 September 2016

Hello guys! How are y'all doing? Trust great!
This post should have been up since but it really hasn't been easy for me joggling an 8-5 job, my business and a blog. This is passion though, so Nothing can stop me I'm all the way up (In FatJoe's Voice)... 

I sincerely have no idea how to put this post together but I definitely intend trying.. Please bear with me if it's disjointed. 

Getting to the venue (Due by Chefdish) a bit late; I love the idea of the wine being the first thing you're presented with... 

And then you just had to drink, take pictures and mingle.. Trust me I suck at things like this, I thought I tried till I got home and could only remember names of just three bloggers out of the many cute bloggers I met. Thank God for social Media; I was able to stalk some of them and even visit their blogs. Trust me there are people out there with great content. More reason why you just have to be Original. 

Unservilefashionist and AminatTawastories  were my photographers for the day even though I lost most of the pictures. Just ignore my clumsiness.... Thanks girls, I sincerely appreciate. 

My highlight of the day was definitely meeting and taking pictures with Noble Igwe of Stylevitae and CassieDaves (Blogged about her planner Here).
With Noble Igwe

With CassieDaves 

I also got best dressed guys for the Lagos brunch. A lady just had to represent you know? **wink** I was blessed with one-year free subscription to Radianthealthmag. Not been able to exhaust that at all.. Would get there. 

Loved the content of my goody bag
Would list them all below. 

Here are pictures of some of the cool bloggers I met ... 

When I was announced Best Dressed.. Did I already mention I was super shy? Strange actually cause I'm not a shy person, but can be stupidly reserved and without words.. Lol

With the cute Maryam of  Fashionbydaisy and founder of Thebloggerpointng

Don't let me even get started on the Menu. what made me cringe the most was when the guy serving told me He had no idea exactly the content of what he was serving.. Sure people following me on snapchat understand this part... Lol!(add up @Dupedupsey if you aren't part of the gang yet *wink*)
That's all I ate but you could check their Instagram page thebloggerpointng for other things served. 

That's all guys! I know this post is super late and I apologize. 
Hope you were able to catch up on last week's Monday/worklook Inspiration post (not promising this is a thing). 

My Outfit is the same dress I had on my Flower girl post. Funny thing I had the same hairstyle on but styled it differently and with a different shoe too. Catch up on details of my dress and shoe on My Instagram page @DUPSEYY

                                            My Goody bag Content
                             @ShopElo    @Theskinapothecary  @KelleciousFragrance 
                    @Beautyrevng   @Lafame Accoutre   @ilham_skincare 

(Please Note; I only tagged Instagram handles of all names listed. Their websites can be found in thier IG Bio. For the product tags, I only tagged sponsors of contents in the goody bag I was given. Other sponsors and media partners/promoters can be seen on @thebloggerpointng's page linked above.)
To The Bloggerpointng and Team that brought this together, Kudos!!

Till next time guys, always remember to take daily steps towards your Goal
Photo credit of my shoe thetonyeigbani

And Oh! Thanks to Tracycharles and her uber driver for the ride back home!
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