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Cold Shoulders

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hello Guys!!! How are y'all doing? Trust great!  Today on the blog is about "Cold Shoulders " , and why I'm loving the look.. It's actually no news 
that I love flaunting my shoulders.... From my "aso-ebi " styles to joining the off-shoulder fad....

I especially love the fact it makes you look chichy and modest at the same time. Truth is lately I've been all about Modest dressing. This 
is not to say I used to expose all My Glory to all o... lol! I guess maturity and weight gain is just setting in.

The fact that it can be worn differently just makes it super cool. What's nicer than owing an outfit that in itself makes it easier
for you to wear/pair differently???

For Ladies with big chest area that are also cautious of revealing too much... This is a win-win for you. 
You don't have to bother about if to wear a bra, or what kind of bra to wear cause of strap issues. Wear The Bra And flaunt the shoulders!!
And oh, I have a post on what bra I wear or how to choose a bra for strapless outfits..     Click ---> (My Bra Won't let Me)

I hope this post helps someone. Till next time guys!! Mide's thoughts advices... "Each Day Find Something To Be Grateful For ".

It can be rocked on casual days and for simple meet ups...

Whats's your fashion lately? and Why? 
Mine is this Dapmod Shades I can't seem to get enough of cause it's Day/Night (lol). Yeah said that already on instagram (Follow me @DUPSEYY).... XOXO!!

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6 comments on "Cold Shoulders"
  1. You look great. I need to get myself one of these cold shoulder dresses too!

  2. I really new to join this 'cold shoulder' everybody seems to be on it. You look great! (as usual)
    P.s-Thanks for the reference😚😚

  3. cute dress and i love cold shoulders.

  4. LMAO @ expose all my glory. Love your dress, I'm really digging the cold shoulder/off shoulder look as well. Right now, my style is pretty minimalistic. Lots of dusty pink, white and black, mustard and so on. I've been keeping things simple lol. xx


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