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Lagos Fashion&Design Week

Monday, 31 October 2016

Hello Guys! missed myself on this space... I'm just going straight to the deets of Lagos Fashion & Design Week, I attended
the last day (Day  4) of the event cause of work.  Plus the ticket wasn't exactly cheap (4,500).


For Me BridgetAwosika had so many marketable pieces.. The frills and play of colors, to the wearable designs just made me love the styles.
I especially love this piece the most. I think it's cause of the Color though.

Nuraniya is one of the designers I fell in love with from the Pictures on social Media. I was actually stalking different pages to see all
her collection. One of these designs is actually on my bucket list; I hope when I do decide to buy, I won't have to break the bank....

HouseofKaya got me inlove with Modesty Big Time. The turbans & Head tie were definitely Gorg!!!

In all; Styletemple slayed the most for me. Despite the fact I didn't witness Her show. The Pictures alone speak in Itself.
These aren't basic designs... They're like the "Oh, Hello I'm the Boss Chic ". Get me?

I heard Ejiroamostafiri also had dope Designs, but let me just mind my business as I priced a dress I've been eyeing (Saw it first On StephanieCoker;Did I mention I met her and she Was great? and also Zainab Balogun) Onto the dress, it was over 50k Yo!!!! I just strolled past their stand... Till when I get there, lol.

Apart from the designs; I really just wanted to see some models walk. I've been a huge fan of @Realtamar and @MayowaNicholas. These two International models seem so professional and Great in photos and Their walk for me confirmed it. I enjoyed seeing them grace the Runway. @Kingmyeverkinleye made  me fall in love
with her Too, I had never heard about her, but she walked beautifully and she's actually very beautiful. Kudos Ladies!!!



I definitely saw and took pictures with NobleIgwe and He was His sweet charming self as usual, Hope He notices me Professionally Sometime (Dreams ).

Bumped into Mariam so many times and it seemed as if we actually Planned to twin In Black and Dapmod Shades....

Ilamosi is Definitely One of my Blogger boos now. I  like how we connected even though it was our first time really relating. (Met Her, FolaOseni, Mariam, and Nobel Igwe before at the Blogger'sBrunch....).

@FolaOseni (on brownish) was really calm and Reserved. But was the Perfect company all through... She even Checked on me when I got home and helped me in 
picking another pair of Dapmod glasses, Thanks Boo.  To see the new shades I got Follow Me On Snapchat (@Dupedupsey ) and on Instagram (@Dupseyy ), cause it might not make it On here soon...

I also got a cute dress from @Chechiarinze. Might rock it to the Meet/great of Ronkeraji, If I Rsvp...

       Outfit Details
Dress from @Miskayboutique
Purse from @luxe_boulevard
Shoes -- @MissGuided

I especially Loved the whole show apart from the part where people had to stand. Asides that it was an Awesome experience and hopefully next year would be much better for me! (Blog Career Stuff I mean)..... Till next time and as Falz would say *Kizzesss*.
3 comments on "Lagos Fashion&Design Week"
  1. *coughs* no credit to who hooked you up with ilamosi? *coughs* lol
    You look fab hun slaying as always�� I'm glad you had fun too.

    1. Lol; you were actually going to before I told you I messaged her already on Ig; remember?

      Thanks for the love and unwavering support Dear! XOXO

  2. Fabulous photos! You sure had fun. Love your cold shoulder dress.

    Inez | My Small World


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