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Power Of Investive Buying

Saturday, 8 October 2016
Hi Guys!! Been too long? Yeah I know and I'm sorry.. Wondering when I'll stop apologizing right? I know you love me like this, Lol.

So Today is about "Investive buying " , Heck! Even my dictionary doesn't agree with the word "Investive" prolly because you guys also think I'm going against my word on not going broke in the name of fashion and trends... But No! This is more like simple tips on shopping right! 
The little expenses you make trying to meet up with the new fad/trend could actually make/mar your wardrobe.. In the sense that sticking to all that's trendy makes you feel out of clothes as soon as those trends go out of style!! 
This doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy fads but be "smart" about it... 

Here are the Little tips that can help.,,

1)Try not to shop cheap:- I'm not saying thrift buying is terrible. Sometimes mixing it up might be it. But how long do they actually last? You worry about not watching it too long or with a kind of detergent so they don't wear off.. Of cause they will!! But actually going for quality few new pieces might last longer than you can imagine. This is not a lie/bluff but most times people tell me "Bukola, you can keep/use stuff well"  really it's cause when you get quality pieces they stay almost new... So each time you rock it again it feels as if; did you just get this? I still have clothes from like 3 years back.. Even most of my outfits in Uni days was what saved me when I first got my job. So it's about saving in what you're actually buying than saving in buying. Get the drift? 

2) Do Classic:- This still boils on avoiding trends. You like a gown? Why? Cause it's simple and fits you well or cause everyone has it? Everyone having it now doesn't make it suit your style. Which in turn would be a waste, especially once it's off the fad! Isn't that double "wahala"? Simple statement pieces that aren't fads even blends more with fad and make you look sophisticated while others are in uniform. And if at all you have to do fad be creative about it in a way you still look different. For example my off-shoulder fad post. Classic pieces are also very easy to pair differently... A simple gown with different belts everyother day is better than the on-going two-piece you prolly won't know how to pair differently.

3) Be Neat:- "Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness".. This is so true. The way you keep your clothes depends on how long they serve you. Wash after one wear, fold in your closet.. It's better than wearing and wearing that it gets so dirty you have to wash hard. That even makes things worse for the clothe itself to serve you sef.. 

4) know what Suits you:- Whatever suits you would always look good on you no matter the number of times you wear them or how many of such clothes you actually have; ever noticed how many slouchy Tops I wear? I hardly go for tightly fitted tops, cause I know I have big boobs and arms and so I don't end up looking like Johny Bravo with the big arms and chest going.. Slouchy tops just blends it all well for me.. Plus Solid Colors like Blue pops more on me (Tips on this in this post HERE

So that's all I feel we all need to know.. Any other tips would be appreciated in the comment section below..

RANDOM:- Do You appreciate my tip posts? Or should I just stick with fashion and Beauty?? Please let me know what you think in the comment section...

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